About Kendal Cann

Kendal was born into the financial industry.

Her father began his career at one of the top 5 full-service brokerage firms in the early 90’s amidst an industry boom. In an effort to achieve a sound work life balance, Kendal’s father brought his work home with him. What he had to read for his meetings was the same material used for bedtime stories. Where other girls were learning to read with Dr. Seuss, Kendal was handed the Wall Street Journal. Needless to say, it became obvious Kendal was destined to join the industry at a very early age.

At 21 years old, before she graduated college at FSU with an honors degree in Finance & Economics. Kendal was offered a job at the Raymond James Home Office in the Asset Management Sales Department selling model portfolios to Raymond James Advisors. Within 1 year Kendal passed her Series 7 & 66 licensing exams making her a fully credentialed Financial Professional before the age of 23.

She was honored with the esteemed Service First Award* – exclusively given to team members who demonstrated exemplary customer service and competency – within one year of her employment with the company.

After nearly 2 years of Advising Financial Advisors from Raymond James Corporate headquarters in the Asset Management Division, Kendal was ready for a new level. At this point in her life, She knew 3 things:

1. She had a passion for Finance
2. She wanted to help People
3. She was in Love

Love brought Kendal to Jacksonville, FL where her husband played for the Jacksonville Jaguars. But her love of finance and education brought her to work for a boutique Financial Firm where she became the youngest and only female Financial Planner and Investment Advisor.


Kendal has mentored children for 10 years and has always advocated the introduction of financial literacy at a young age. Over the past 3 years she volunteered weekly at nearby elementary schools where she mentored and tutored low income and/or troubled youth. This experience inspired her to co-author and illustrate a children’s book that breaks down introductory financial and entrepreneurial concepts that cater to the lifestyle and culture of this demographic.

Kendal is also very proud to be Dave Ramsey’s ONLY female Endorsed Local Professional in all of Duval County, Clay County, & St. Johns County.

Kendal’s familiarity of our business, her experience working in a professional, corporate setting, and her renowned creativity, brings new and exciting resources to high earners and entrepreneurs around the country.