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Privileged Planner

This is an internal software we provide here at Privileged Planning Inc. that offers an array of financial resources. 

The Privileged Planner Software is a tool built for 2 types of investors:

1. The DIYer who is experienced & confident in their ability to manage their own finances & may just need an occasional second pair of eyes.


2. The new investor seeking to educate themselves &/or get organized BEFORE speaking with an advisor or coach!

Financial Planning

Navigating your financial goals can be overwhelming. 

Whether you’re an individual or a business, we offer a truly customized solution that goes deeper than a third party software that spits out pretty graphs. 

We look at the ENTIRE picture.

What level of risk is appropriate for your household? Your business?

Do you have elderly parents who didn’t save enough? 

Adult children you still support?

What are the investment options in your employer plan & is it invested correctly?

What should my household spending look like?

A Financial Plan can give you that peace of mind.

Bespoke Management:

Embark on a tailored journey with our Investment Management services. Our mission? To craft a bespoke financial strategy that’s uniquely yours & aligns with your individual aspirations & requirements. 

We offer 2 pricing models: Flat Fee & Advisory Fee. 

Bespoke Flat Fee is only available to investors with less than $250,000 of assets to manage.

See the tiered fee schedule for Advisory fee clients


Account Value

Annual Straight Tiered Fee Schedule

BESPOKE Investment Management:


1. Discovery Call:

Begin with a 10-20 minute interactive session. We dive into your desires, apprehensions, and areas where you need guidance. Not sure after just one call? No worries. We can have multiple discussions until we resonate. Ready to progress? Just drop us a message.

2. Foundation Appointment:

Once onboarded: A secure link will be provided to submit essential details. Expect paperwork via DocuSign within 48 hours. After processing (usually 5-10 business days), you'll get a link to lock in your foundation appointment date. This 1.5-hour meeting is all-encompassing – spanning investments, financial history, education, family dynamics, benefits, aspirations, expenses, and more.

3. Presentation Appointment:

Roughly 2-3 weeks post our foundation meeting, we reconvene. This session is dedicated to our strategy and the path ahead.

4. Quarterly Strategy Check-Ins:

Every quarter, let's commit 30-60 minutes. Our agenda? Review your portfolio, analyze market trends, refine your roadmap, and bolster your financial wisdom.


Financial Planning:

 Here’s a glimpse of our process:

Process to become a client:

1. Discovery Call:

A 10-20 minute call that's a mutual exploration to assess compatibility. Ready to proceed? Simply inform us of your decision.

2. Foundation Appointment:

Upon agreement, you'll receive a secure link to submit your details, followed by swift e-documentation processing. The next key step is a focused session where we comprehensively review your financial landscape, shaping the foundation of our customized planning for you.

3. Presentation Appointment:

After our foundational analysis, we present your personalized financial strategy. This stage marks the beginning of your tailored financial roadmap.

4. Annual Check-Ins:

Your financial plan is only as accurate as it is updated, this is why annual check-ins are recommended but optional and are not included in the price of the original financial plan. The cost of updating your financial plan depends on the complexities and the amount of updates you have and is charged using an hourly rate of $300 per hour.


Our Financial Plans commence at $2,000, scaling based on the intricacy of your financial situation. This fee encompasses the Foundation and Presentation appointments. Subsequent strategy meetings are billed at $300 per hour.

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