Meet Our Team

At Privileged Planning Inc., our diverse team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing tailored financial strategies that align perfectly with your aspirations. Here’s a closer look at the individuals ready to guide you towards financial success:

Kendal Cann


Kendal Cann manages key operations including investment strategy, financial planning, research, and client consultations to ensure the execution of robust financial strategies.

Tiffany Robison


Mrs. Robison directs daily operations at Privileged Planning Inc., ensuring compliance, efficiency, and progress towards both short and long-term organizational goals.

Weston Fordham


Mr.Fordham leads all marketing efforts, developing strategies to enhance brand awareness, promote services, and manage the website effectively.

Ted Mecimore

Systems & Security Manager

Mr. Mecimore wears multiple IT hats, handling a broad range of technology-related tasks from troubleshooting hardware and software issues to managing system updates and ensuring your data’s security.

Wennie Dadivas

Community Liaison

Wennie Dadivas manages client relations, ensuring seamless communication from your initial referral through all subsequent interactions, including scheduling and long-term engagement with Privileged Planning Inc

Dess Mangilit

Onboarding Manager

Dess Mangilit simplifies the client onboarding process, clarifying documentation and steps, ensuring you always know what’s required and what comes next.

Dale Spencer-Bides

Front Office Manager

Dale has been in the industry for over 45 years. She assists with inbound and outbound office calls, general administrative duties and whatever else she wants to do because she is an OG.

Elexius Sam

Digital Communications

Mrs. Sam handles communications across all social media and digital platforms making inbound communication with our firm is seamless.